Edusie to work with York University on ABMP’s Career | Fit Professional Experience Programs

Toronto, Canada – Edusie Learning Inc. is proud to announce its partnership with York University’s Asian Business and Management Program (ABMP) for the Career | Fit Professional Experience Programs (Series 2). These innovative programs, supported generously by RBC, are designed to offer unique professional development opportunities, empowering university undergrads who identify as Asian with real-world skills and experiences in order to give them an advantage in the careers. 

Alongside the pivotal role of recruiting participants from across Canada, Edusie will be developing promotional materials, updating and maintaining the ABMP website to incorporate a Microsoft Forms-based application system, administering a comprehensive application review process to ensure the selection of highly-qualified, diverse candidates, and providing ongoing support and management to maximize participant engagement and success. 

This multi-faceted role underlines Edusie’s dedication to educational excellence and career development nationwide.


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