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We work with your organization to understand your educational needs, and then liaise with our strategic academic providers and other suppliers to design and develop programs and services perfectly tailored to your requirements. 

We then closely manage the implementation and delivery to ensure maximum effectiveness and the smoothest operational interface between stakeholders.


Who we serve

We currently serve clients in Asia exclusively with a particular focus on China and India, in the following sectors:

Some of our academic providers.

University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

York University

Toronto, Ontario

University of Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia

THe Choice is Yours

Customizable options.

We work closely with you to design a learning experience that meets your needs in every way. 

Delivery Formats

Face-to-face classroom, e-learning (live online and prerecorded modules) and blended formats available.

Academic Providers

We cultivate associations with universities and leading corporations in the private sector.

Cutting-edge Content

We keep out finger on the pulse of current topics and trends. Programs are focused, practical and immediately applicable.

Leading Instructors

Recruited from industry and academia with extensive knowledge, experience and insights to draw on.

Teaching Methodologies

Modern, interactive and engaging. Consecutive translation services are available.

Course Durations

We can tailor program length to your needs, from short duration (days to weeks) to longer (3-6 months).

Critical Soft-skills

We can help develop the language, interpersonal skills, self-confidence and team spirit of participants.

Study Abroad Options

Authentic cross-cultural experiences – city tours, event excursions and site visits supplement curricula.

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Discover a wealth of tailored learning possibilities that cater specifically to the unique needs and interests of the sectors listed below.


Student Career Experience & Business Studies Programs

Program Overview
This program will benefit both university undergrads looking to strengthen their résumés in order to cultivate a competitive advantage when they apply for internships, jobs or graduate study programs, and high school students looking to make more informed decisions about future education options and career paths based on a deeper understanding of their interest in a particular field. Delivered in partnership with a major Canadian university – it offers unique value in this regard. Participants work on a real-world project, guided by a mentor from a major blue chip organization and graduate the program with a certificate signed by both the university and the hosting corporation. And they can get a reference letter from either the host university or the industry mentor attesting to their participation.
Program Structure
  • 12 sessions delivered live, online weekly  
  • A real-world project with an industry-based focus, and a micro-course. 
  • The project is developed by the participating company/industry mentor in collaboration with a university.
Sample Host Companies
RBC Royal Bank, TD Bank, CIBC, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, American Express, KPMG International, Deloitte, PwC, Accenture, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon, Export Development Canada, and many others. 
Sample Program Topics
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Analysis 
Sample Program Phases
  • Preliminary project assessment 
  • Research, analysis and micro-course study
  • Evaluation and alternatives assessment
  • Recommendation and final presentation
Program Overview

These short term (1-3 month) business-focused programs are specifically targeted to undergrad and graduate-level students worldwide. They are flexible and customizable to your content needs and delivered in-person or online by award-winning full-time instructors that teach MBA students at a major Canadian university. Each is a rigorous and innovative experience equivalent to a graduate-level course and can result in a Certificate of Completion or a Grade Letter (equivalent to 6.0 North American credit hours of course work).

They help prepare students in any discipline for success by allowing them to dive into cutting-edge business topics which synergistically enrich and broaden the possibilities for working in their chosen field of study. Students will also have an opportunity to build their personal network of relationships and contacts with other future leaders from around the world, as well as participate in extracurricular activities such as  cultural excursions and local outings.

Sample Topic Areas Include
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Global Strategy
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Business Communications
  • International Business
  • Service Management

Corporate Management and Leadership Executive Development Programs

Sample Topics
  • Global Economy and Development in the Post Pandemic World
  • Business Development and Competitiveness Enhancement in the Digital Economy
  • Leadership Development in the New Economic Environment
  • Digital Marketing
  • Design Thinking in Business Innovation
  • Implications of Behavioural Economics: How to Develop Innovative Products and Services
  • Building an Innovative Organization and Increasing Productivity through Innovation
  • Data Analytics and Data-driven Decision Making
  • AI and Machine Learning in Business
  • The Development of Blockchain Technology & Its Commercial Applications and Decentralized Finance
  • Cyber Security
  • FinTech & Emerging Technologies Development
  • Comprehensive Risk Management of Commercial Banks
Course Description

The curriculum does not duplicate the content of the existing traditional EMBA curriculum, but is designed to compliment the traditional knowledge areas. Curriculum and content include:

  • Discussion of the characteristics of economic development in the post-epidemic era and the requirements and impact of the digital economy on business management concepts and skills
  • The content consists of a combination of theory and practice, with special emphasis on applying the principles to create value in today’s new economic environment
  • Courses are taught by professors from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management EMBA/MBA degree program, and some of the content will also involve industry experts
  • Courses do a deep dive into today’s current and pressing business issues. Due to limited class time, we do not pursue comprehensive coverage of business management-related content
Learning Objectives

After completing the course, students will:

  • Form new insights into business management and be able to quickly apply them at work
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to analyze and manage enterprises from multiple perspectives
  • Understand the economic development trends driven by innovation and digitalization, and plan and customize the competitive strategies of enterprises in the new economic environment
  • Gain insight into the essence of international business management, and enhance their global vision
  • Become more business literate and develop leadership skills to accelerate personal career growth
Core EMBA Essentials Modules
  1. Corporate Development Through Excellent Corporate Governance and Leadership
  2. Build an Excellent Business Operations System
  3. Create More Value for the Enterprise Through Better Financial Management
  4. Adapt to the Transformation of Marketing Strategies in the Digital Economy
  5. Business Innovation and Development
Other EMBA Elective Topics
  • Macroeconomic Analysis and Business Changes in The Post-Epidemic Era
  • Integrated Thinking in Business Management
  • Leadership Development and Change Management in the New Economic Environment
  • Hot Issues in Corporate System, Corporate Culture and Corporate Governance
  • Big Data Analysis and Data-Based Decision Making
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in Business
  • Behavioural Analysis in Business Activities and Decision-Making
  • Financial Management and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Value Investment and Market Games
  • Commercial Applications and Digital Marketing with Social Media
  • Application of Design Thinking In Business
  • Construction of an Innovative Organization and Cultivation of Innovative Spirit and Ability
Teaching Methodology

Online teaching, including interactive learning with case studies, simulations, assignments and discussions, etc.

Technology and Tools Sample Topics
  • Data Science Process
  • Data Science: Interface between Computer Science and Statistics
  • Statistical Techniques for Data Science
  • Regression Analysis
  • Programming for Data Science
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Visualization and Presentation
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Data Science for Cyber Security
Applications in Business Sample Topics
  • Building Interactive Dashboards
  • Storytelling with Data
  • Data-based Decision Making
  • Data-driven Prediction
  • Business Design and Data Science
  • Digitization & Automation
  • Data Science in Risk Management
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Building a Data-driven Organization
  • Practicum Projects

Healthcare and Medical Professional Development Programs

Sample Topics
  • Discussion on the quality and safety of the medical system: How to create a safer patient-centered medical environment
  • Case study: How to improve patient experience in Toronto Affiliated Hospital
  • Clinical research management: How to build a platform to serve the scientific researchers in the hospital
  • Health information management: How to record, evaluate and analyze key clinical data, improve data integrity, and how to improve prognosis through data management
  • Integrated thinking: The application of integrated thinking in hospital management
  • Model and platform: Advanced digital management platform in hospital management
  • Financial management: The overall financial management of the hospital
  • Supply chain management: Cost-benefit analysis
Programs are available in two formats
Virtual Learning Programs

Consisting of customized online virtual sessions, the virtual learning programs are designed to meet the needs and objectives of small groups and leadership teams through:

  • Learning alongside  experts about recent current trends and practices in the health care landscape
  • Engaging in virtual conversations
  • Building relationships with health care leaders
Observership Programs

Observership programs provide an invaluable learning experience for individuals who have a passion for health care by fostering an environment for academic learning and knowledge sharing.

Sample Topics
  • Surgical Innovation: Introducing major breakthroughs in the field of surgery
  • Surgery Observation
  • Discussion of Doctor-Patient Relationship
  • Development and Application of Technology Platforms to Enhance Doctor-Patient Interaction and Patient Experience
  • Breakthrough in Cancer Research: Case sharing-case analysis, cancer treatment or other specialties
  • Scientific Research: How do doctors balance outpatient and scientific research?
  • Data Management: How to record, evaluate and analyze key clinical data to improve data integrity

These medical governing-body accredited courses, designed for doctors and medical students, teach the specialized English that enables international doctors to deliver outstanding levels of practice and care, build strong relationships with patients and colleagues, and lead and participate in successful health care teams. 

Sample Topics Include:
  • Patient Admissions
  • Taking Patient History
  • Examining a Patient
  • Discussing a Diagnosis
  • Explaining Tests
  • Describing Symptoms & Disorders
  • Discussing Surgery & Post-operative Care
  • Professional Writing Skills
  • The Body and Anatomy
  • End of Life Care