Who we are

About Us

Inspired by personal experience with the transformative power of education, Edusie Learning was envisioned as an educational services company that would help unlock the full potential of education to empower learners and ensure they are equipped with the skills and confidence to successfully navigate an ever-changing global landscape. 

We strive to transform lives, uplift communities, and build a more inclusive and prosperous world through the power of learning.


Why do people like working with us?

Rich Experience and
Industry Knowledge

Covering a broad range of services such as training development and delivery, IT, marketing, sales, project management…

Networking and Collaboration

Extensive professional networks for gaining additional insights through partnerships, collaborations, and industry peers.

Project Management and
Problem Solving

Management of educational projects from concept development through planning, execution, monitoring to close-out.


Meet the founder…


Kendall Kiddie, MI

During his master’s degree studies in Knowledge and Information Management, Kendall developed a profound interest in the sociotechnical aspects of information and communications technologies and their potential to enrich the lives of users.

Pivoting from a long career as a marketing communications consultant to the executive development divisions of numerous Canadian universities, Kendall established Edusie Learning to leverage technology to produce transformative educational experiences that make a lasting impact on the lives of learners.

Why the name Edusie, anyway?

The name “Edusie” was chosen for our educational services company because it phonetically resonates with the word “education,” but also because it playfully lead to the phrase “edusie daisy,” which became the source of inspiration for our logo. 

A flower is an apt representation as it signifies growth and the flourishing of potential. By experiencing our programs and services, individuals can nurture their own growth and watch as their future blooms, just like the petals of a daisy opening to the world.